Plants and Nature

My Succulent Babies

So I recently fell in love with planting succulents and cacti. So far, they have been the best plants for me to keep alive and I think they are so adorable. Not only do I love finding new succulents, but I love painting pots for them too. It is a way for me to collect plants and be crafty at the same time. I found so many awesome ideas on Pinterest for flower pots so I will probably be crafting a lot in the next few weeks.

My dad is a major plant person and got me hooked on succulents. He has a huge collection of his own and teaches me how to plant mine. He also gives me pieces of his plants so that I can grow my own. I think half of my plant collection has come from his. However, I have also developed a small addiction to buying my own from plant stores. Lowe’s had some last week that contained four succulents for about five dollars.

I am just a beginner at growing succulents so there is a lot for me to learn. I have been researching the best soil to grow them in, the best way to water them, and how to propagate them. I am just now trying to propagate them and I am super excited to see how it will turn out. The more I get into planting succulents and cacti, the more I will probably post about them, so stay tuned to see if my succulents survive and how big my collection may ultimately grow.

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