La Ciudad de México

Over winter break, I got the chance to visit Mexico City with one of my Spanish classes. It was one of the best trip I have been on. Although we had to complete a lot of homework overall for the class, we got to see and experience so much while in Mexico. We got to absorb the culture. We were able to practice our Spanish and listen to others speak Spanish. We had the chance to eat authentic Mexican food and climb up a Mexican pyramid. We got to ride boats, see museums, and participate in Mexican celebrations.

A few things I learned:

  • I did not feel as nervous about being in another country as I thought I would.
  • People were extremely nice and a lot of people actually spoke English.
  • Sometimes we would have to pay to go to the restroom.
  • The food was really cheap, but they use less cheese than I expected.
  • Ubers were the best way to get around and Ubers were pretty cheap.

A few things I would change if I got to go back:

  • I would not eat at so many chain restaurants: Subway, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.
  • I would bring cough medicine and cough drops. I got sick and could not read all the information on the medicine bottles, because it was all in Spanish.
  • I would spend more time walking around and trying new things.
  • I would exchange more than $100 to Pesos on the first day. Having pesos made buying things much easier.

Overall, I recommend Mexico City to anyone who wants to embrace a new culture. There are so many museums and tourist places. It was very nice and there was so much to do. I recommend going to Six Flags (the tickets are really cheap) and visiting the pyramids. I made so many new friends and tried new food. I am so thankful for choosing to go on this trip and for the classmates that helped me when I needed a translator.


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