10 Things I Love About Living with my Best Friend

I am in my senior year of college and my roommate is one of my very best friends. We met before freshmen year and became great friends. We realized we are actually insanely similar and clicked right off the bat. We lived in dorms together freshmen and sophomore year and then took a year living with different people. This year, we have an off-campus apartment together and it has been the best year yet. Here are 10 Things I Love About Living With My Best Friend (there are more reasons, but the list would be insanely long if I listed everything):

  1. I always have a work out buddy whenever I need one. We motivate each other, and I definitely need the motivation to go to the gym.
  2. I basically have two closets to pick clothes out of. There is nothing better than wearing the same size as your roommate. I think I borrowed at least three of her shirts just last week.
  3. We both love Christmas and Christmas movies. It is not even Thanksgiving yet and we already have 3 Christmas trees decorated in our apartment.
  4. We go along with each other’s stupid ideas. Even when we know we are acting silly and ridiculous, we still have fun. I encourage her shopping addiction and she encourages my procrastination habit.
  5. My parents love her and her parents love me. We enjoy going home with one another for the weekends. Her family treats me as one of their daughters and my parents always ask me to invite her over.
  6. We can spend hours laughing about things that only make sense to us. Sometimes we laugh until we both have tears in our eyes and we are literally doubled over.
  7. I always have someone to watch my favorite movies with. We probably watch way too many Disney movies for two college seniors, but it is worth it. Plus, we are both always down to watch the same television shows, especially Friends.
  8. I always have someone to give me honest advice. If she does not like my outfit or my hair, she will not hesitate to tell me. We have become so comfortable with one another that we are pretty straight-forward.
  9. She likes to cook and I cannot cook to save my life. She makes really good food and keeps me from spending money at Taco Bell every night of the week.
  10. We both love to read, so we can share books with one another. We like to suggest good books to each other and then discuss them. It is like we have our own private book club.

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