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Starting to Feel the Struggle

I am currently a junior in my university and I am in the stage where I want to get everything out of the college experience, but I’m also ready for it to be over. I love my classes, I love meeting people at college, and I love the experiences. However, I feel like I am just waiting for my life to begin. I want to be working for nonprofits and loving on the less fortunate, but instead I am going to class, napping, and writing papers. I mentor every week and I volunteer when I can, but I’m ready to spend all day everyday making a difference. Why is writing a 15 page paper important when I could be helping build houses, clothe homeless youth, or love on children who have bad home lives?

On the bright side, I know that I am learning things that can help me give back to the community one day. I am not only learning things associated with my major, but college is also teaching me real-life skills. I am learning how to better communicate my beliefs and ideas. I am learning about other cultures, learning about having better relationships, and about managing my time. I am learning about groups of people who need love and hope.

So although I feel extremely discouraged in this exact moment in my life, I know that it will all work out in the end. I have hope that this is all part of a bigger plan and that I just need to have faith.


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