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Alternative Spring Break 2017

This last spring break, I got the most amazing opportunity. I was able to spend my spring break in Austin, Texas with 8 other students from my university. We all participated in ATU’s Alternative Spring Break. We spent 4 days doing volunteer work and spent the afternoons and the fifth day exploring Austin and San Antonio. We were able to work with homeless youth, UT Austin, Austin Furniture Bank, and Hill Country Ride. Although it wasn’t the what people think about when they think about a normal spring break filled with partying and crazy college students, it was one of the most amazing weeks of my life.

I made 8 new amazing friends and learned so much about nonprofits and ways to volunteer that I never knew about. I learned how great it feels to know that I am doing something helpful. I experienced new ideas, new food, different cultures, and different viewpoints. I experienced public transportation and shawarma for the first time in my life. I hope that I can always look back on this past week and remember the amazing time I had and the important life lessons that I learned. If you ever get an opportunity to spend a week in a new place volunteering, take it cause it could be a life-changing experience.


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